Friday, June 19, 2009


right. just a few minutes ago i've finished downloading 99/100 Damashi no Tetsu PV.
i got it from somewhere on the net, well i think it was from or something.
and when i'm done, i fasten my seatbelts....
(wait, just WHERE THE SEATBELT?! i'm at home gettoh!!.....Garing.)

Bek, so i watched the PV. at first i thought it was a DAMN GOOD PV. great.
It's kinda like UVERcrew were being hunted down by the stalkers who taking their photos and videos over and over again XDD
But when it moved on to the middle, you know,
when Takuya made a seducing voice AH AH AH,
i'm so grateful the one who was showed up isn't Takuya himself!!
Imagine if Takuya should appear then, what would i say?
.....No. i WON'T SAY ANY WORDS. i'll just nosebleeding and then die in smile.

Moreover, Takuya winked soooo many times that i felt i would die in heartshock XDD
Also, in the near-end of that PV, Takuya loosen his jacket and show his inner clothes!
of course its just a plain single sleeveless t-shirt so his body was shown up!
Takuya would you please stop seducing your fangirls?!
You're be in trouble if you keep doing that*trust me*!!

Nevertheless, i love this PV. i love UVER. i LOVE Tak-kun XDD
hohmegod it's like i'm started to think that Tak-kun is HAWT and....
God, I LOVE HIM! Bad Luck he's already 30 but i'm just mere 15...........
TAK-KUN you're HAWT! ouyeah! okay, okay. i'll just stop or else i'll go further XDD

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