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Review Events IV: Okada L. Brugmann

Sundae, June 14 2009
Sky COndition: I haven't checked it but it seemed to be BRIGHT as usual :D
Song: So What Gitu Loh (Saykoji)
Quote(s): Muka doang ganteng moral lu NOL!!!
Phrase(s): Babi berbulu Monyet

Hello again! actually i have delayed this writing from two days ago.
It was because i'm TERRIBLY busy playing FF6, that is..... He heheh >)
Last friday after school i went to Warnet... what is it called? Net Shop????
.....Whatever. Anyway as soon as i got there i sped surfing on
Searching for him, who is one of V6 guys, whom i crazed about because of his LOOKS!
HEAVENLY YEAH his looks! he's got some TERRIFIC face. He's even more HANDSOME than
Takuya-kun or even Babeh Hyde! And i'm dying just to see him singing in V6 PVs which
my friend gave to me a few days ago....... oh no he's just too HANDSOME! *hysteria*

Okay, so then i surfed on the net searching for his IDENTITY.
Actually i have been crazy over him for days, yet i didn't know his name!
And then i arrived at wikipedia. I sped my mouse movements again, and.....
Wah-Lah! Finally revealed, magic's biggest secret. No, i mean finally i got his name.
[Junichi Okada, Novemeber 18 1980, B]
My eyes glanced a meany looks at this writing. Although he's older than Takuya-kun but i was like this:
"Thank God for make him so young and talented and handsome and famous and and and and so........."
How grateful i was! At insane speed my smile hastily attached to my sour lips..

Being too happy, i continued my investigation on him, Wah ha ha XDD
I searched the keywords 'Junichi Okada' in google images... loading pages.....
and HOW HORRIFIED I WAS when i gave my glance to the first image popped up!!!
Yaiyalah tanpa yaiyadong, it's a NUDEY pic of himmmmmmm!!!
My smile, without producing any FUCKIN' squealing, left my sour lips and it's getting SOUR.
My heart which was bloomed with Lovely Flowers, it withers away fast and Poison Ivy grew instead.
Then i went to a murderous rampage, shooting innocent people with my MK-104 Anti-Sound Sniper........

Later i knew that he's been playing a kind of movie which, on it, he roled as the guy with his Love-Life with a girl.
When seeing it i was like, "oh great, first he got a nudey pic and now he threated someone so he'll record
his 'bathroom attraction' with that bitchie slut? verrrrrry GOOD. Okada, you'll feel my WRATH!!!"
How i just couldn't stop my mouth to mumbling bad words and uttering a deadly mantra to take him
down to his DEATH!!! Argh i was just too FRUSTATED!!!!!!
I mean, how dare he is! Myself and thousand girls out there was vey crazed over you, Junichi!
Moreover your Mom! She LOVED you very much, didn't she?
But HOW DARE you to do such a thing like that and stained your public status?!?!?!?!
Are you INSANE, or something like that, or you just got some sexual problems, EXHIBITIONISM?! HAH?!!

The result was, i went back to my home with GRUNTED face. It was so scary you know.
People who walked and passed me always looks terribly HORRIFIED when they saw my face. Nyah Nyah >D
So now, i think i'll be back to Takuya-kun (BZZT! Translator Error! Back to Indonesian!)

Ya, OK. Pokoknya gue balik aja lah ke Takuya! yang lebih BERMORAL, lebih WARAS dan yang paling
penting, dia NGEJAGA KEHORMATANNYA! dia tuh cukup waras untuk gak memiliki nudey pic kayak si
Okada L Brugmann itoeh!!! Gila banget asli tuh orang, jadi personil Boy Band aja, yang kebagian
nyanyi-nya aja belom tentu satu lagu dapet sebait, gak bisa NGERAP-BEATBOX-SCRATCH pula,
punya nudey pic yang disebar gitu aja di net!!!
Hah, gimana dia kayak Takuya yang udah suaranya lebih bagus, berjasa besar bagi Band-nya,
Ngerapnya mantep pula???! dia homoin kali tuh semua personil V6..... Naudzubil bgt si tuh orang?!?!

Anyway, i think his mom's reaction would be like this when she saw her son's nudey pic in net:
"Wow son, i'm REALLY PROUD of you. It's just great you know to having your nudey pic stared by your
fans. I've got a gift for you son, here it is........"
She would say that with her smiling face, oh yeah man, MOM's smiling face! Motherly Love!
And then she RIP his son's OWN THING apart and TEAR it and then yelled at him with devilish smile,
"Oh my son how i LOVE you SO MUCH! Now let me make you feel what people say tha BLAZES of HELL!!!!"

Then tomorrow news'd be>> Junichi Okada was killed and his body had been found by local policemen
in his bathroom NUDE. and his 'manly thing' seemed to be torn apart from its original place.
Moreover his face is so DEATHLY IN PAIN, must because of the murder cut off his 'manly thing'

Oh how DELIGHTFUL i would be if i heard that news! Yeah that guy DESERVED to get that.
Just die, you mean mothafucka exhibitionism! We don't want to see your face anymoooooooore!
Anyway i think he'll get the EXTREMETY PUNISHMENT in hell, because i think the Satan would say
the same thing as her mother said, "i'll be feeling sorry if it weren't you, nude boy."
At first i think i'll give him the score 10 out of 10. But now i have seen THE TRUTH,
his score seems to be dropped far away from Shining 10 to FUCKING 0. Zero, man. Z-E-R-O.

After seeing this, i finally realized how much i LIKE Takuya!
Yeah, however he's already been 'stained' by Kou Shibasaki, and he's wearing earrings....
that would be my minus for him besides his SUCKS ENGLISH.
Nevertheless, i think people has their own faults. I will still go on to be Takuya's fans.
As for Junichi Okada, i think he's just got some WEAK MIND.
I mean, he's already in entertainment world at his youth of 14 years old only.
That would be make sense if he did that kind of DAMNED thing.
His mind is FUCKING WEAK. Maybe it's because he hasn't ready yet to be popular.
Therefore he's got a handsome face and cool voice, made him to be CRAZED by GIRLS.
Yeah, if i were him, i'll just make an apologize letter to my fans and then go on to a suicide. FCK.

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