Friday, June 19, 2009

Good Day!!

I have found that many of V6's songs're GREAT.
They're just........ MAGNIFICENTO. is it?? hmm :D
Anyway, i got them from my friend who had a NICE taste in music,
i mean yeah, his taste are just MATCH UP wimme. Wah-Lah.
'Suppose i'll just list my new-favorite songs here....

1. Believe (V6)
2. Boku to Bokura no Ashita (V6)
3. Swing! (V6)
4. Good Day!! (V6)
5. Darling (V6)
6. Innocence (V6)
7. Voyager (V6)
8. No "FIN" (V6: Junichi Okada)
9. Brand New Day (3 Guava Trio)
10. Inherited System (Blue Sky Organization/OST Kamen Rider Kiva)
11. Way Of Life (V6) including the 20th Century ver. and Coming Century ver.

In any case i'm so addicted by those songs.
And i've got some of the lyrics too.
Is it just plain sad or whatsoever, but i haven't found the lyrics for Believe and Innocence.
Did something wrong????? :O

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