Friday, June 19, 2009

Review Events III

Saturday, June o6 2009
Sky Condition: Bright as it's supposed to be
Status: Ignoring everything.
Song: Dunno............. Sakurairo maybe.
Quotes: "Syndacco Abattoir" have smelly rooms.
Phrases: Lex prefecta hortum veritatis, Somnus non eat.

Today i felt something funny inside me. My brain seems to be slowing down its gear speed.
My eyes were so hesitate that i couldn't even look away from BLACKathingys.
My nerves frozen, causing my fingers to react very slowly like a near-death snails crawling.
And my mouth seems to be shutted up for good that today i haven't said a SINGLE word.
To tell the truth i KNOW the name of the virus that took over my whole: LAZINESS.
I'm sooooooooooooooooo LAZY today and i haven't felt any excitement for this time being!

Yoo so i havta finish this writing-thingys and go away somewhere, fast, to RECLAIM my SPIRIT!
(SFX: kokok petoook kokok petoook~~ Nyap Nyap :3)
In any way, i should've changed my mind about getting the newest chapter of Bleach mangascans.
Yeah it looks like i'll just LEAVE Bleach for awhile and read D-Grayman instead.
You know, i was just got it from my friend yesterday. Total amounts of 25 chapters or so
and surprisingly i liked it by the first i read it.
I think the storyline is somewhat VERY COMPLICATED though every chapter has TOO LITTLE pages on it.
And that does make sense if you've came up to the 108th Chapter but actually
you've just read the 12th volume of this manga! How SURPRISING it was.

Anyway i like the storyline because it provides many battle scenes which's not too-hard
but also not finished-too-fast-mode.
I liked the characters too. Especially Rabi, he's just far too much looked like Reno of the Turks!
The way he speaks and his style too, it remind me how much he resembles Reno!
That's why i LIKE him! (please don't get too worked up. It's so common that i LIKE every guy
who has a cool and a bit brutal-personality. Reno; Seiji; Kiba; Renji; Kurogane; Rabi... okay.)

Although the complex storyline sometimes got me into confusion but i'm sure i'll be get used to it
if i managed to get the details of this manga on
It's quite surprising too that the manga-ka was actually, a woman. Hoshino-san. *Applaus!*
For the time being i think i'll just stick around with this manga.
Let's hope the newest chapter will be released soon so i'll be able to read it. okay.
Kanda Yuu, i think you're much like Naruse from I'll who have a tremendous EVIL aura...........

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