Friday, June 19, 2009

WHY ?! Why, Sony?!

well obviously i didn't even know WHY THE HELL i'm getting more addicted to that guy Okada L. Brugmann!!!!!
as i've wrote in my previous notes, he's not more than a house cockroach which near to its end because i sprayed his head STRAIGHT with mosquito fumes! YEAH!!

but..... it feels sad you know, when you're about to break someone's leg but in the end you turned back and became his fans. IT REALLY IS, plain ol' sad. whew.

yea anyway, i've been wondering......
why does i always caught up with guys who fears GHOST?!
not to mention it, but X and Y and Z were included!
(SFX: anyway, who the hell is X, Y and Z ??)

adoooooh cape nginggris! intinya gue cuma mau bilang:
Okada jadi model kamera Sony dan itu posenya ENGGAK BANGET! idih abis! NGGILANI bo' !

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