Saturday, June 20, 2009

sneezing, sniffling, crying, stumbling..... whatever.

today my net speed is higher than before.
it reached the maximum speed of 1,8 Mbps! ouoyeah~ lalala~ XDD
so i used it for, of course, downloading UVER PVs.
i think i'll take Roots, SHAMROCK and Byouteki Kikyuu Nikki for starters.
(in fact, i'm long to watch Mikage Ishi PV! it was a DAMN GOOD song XDD)

by the way this morning i chatted with my friend, the name's risssssya. weeell, i call her BRIWILI WONGKI KOMALADIYH XD
we discussed few things, and later we came to this topic: Tak-kun. Takuya. 琢也.
aaaand, my WLM display image was this one:

but then suddenly that MEANIE Brisya Kriwili Wongki Komaladiyh said that in this pic, Tak-kun looks similar to Vanness Wu!
(SFX: boulder coming down from atop of mountain and drag me down to MISERY)
and then my heart screamed like, "WHAT! HOW DARE YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!"

anyway, at last i changed it back to this one.

Well, what do you think?
For me, i'd prefer the 'vaness wu' one. i like GREENIE things, afterall LOL

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