Saturday, January 2, 2010


maaa. i'm getting LAZY and MORE LAZY to keep up posting on this blog.

i've got the feeling that this would be the last time i posted sumthin on my blog
*fan fare*

yak, saya pindahkan kalian semua keeee

-i'm getting addicted to JELLYFISH, OBAKE and Murasaki *lol*-

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Turn back the tick-tock

Monday, September 28 2009
Condition: Why it havta be THIS HOT?!
Song: anything that can breeze me off.
Quote: PANAS!!!
Phrase: HOT!!

Hey, hey, it's me again..
I'm back at this hot, shiny, sweaty afternoon....
*it's really damn hot here, where's that air conditioner.....*
Actually i just gonna write sumthin' about the movie i watched last night,
"Memoirs of a Geisha".

Well, i've learned many things from there,
like, hey, i didn't think "Geisha" means "Artist",
and i didn't know that Geisha only appealing art performances,
such as theatre dance, music or japanese dance..
(Well i reeeeeally didn't know those facts.)
And now i know that DANNA means 'Bodyguard' or 'Protector'
Now you see why there's a hero from MAR anime named Danna.

About the storyline...
I didn't too impresssed at first,
that i SHOULD have known what would be the plot for Geisha stories.
But yeah, when it comes to the climax,
i was so surprised that Chiyo(the starring)went to so many troubles
only to arrived in another Los Problemo.
Nevertheless i think Chiyo is quite a tough girl,
facing so many problems in her life but she carried on as if nothing really matters...

(Changing Sub, the writer's tired because her english were sucks.)
Yeah pokoknya dari awal sampe tengah-tengah itu ceritanya kompleks banget,
Mulai dari Chiyo yang diadopsi sama Mameha The Great(??)
dan akhirnya ganti nama jadi Sayuri,
trus dapet waris dari Ms. Nitta dan ganti nama lagi jadi Nitta Sayuri,
mulai saingan sama Hatsumomo dan temen baiknya si Pumpkin,
sampe akhirnya dia ternyata terperangkap didalam "Game" para Pemilik Okiya.

Trus adalah masalah kondisi perang di Jepang tambah parah,
semuanya disuruh ngungsi ke Osaka padahal kota itu sasaran utama musuh..
Chairman nyelametin Sayuri, dia disuruh ke gunung jadi perajut kimono atau apalah itu...

...And four years have passed.
Sayuri masih belom dapet kabar dari Chairman,
sekalinya ada kabar, dia disuruh jadi Geisha lagi cuma karena Amerika mau ngasih modal
ke Jepang kalo Jepang ngasih semacem hospitality gitu ke army-nya Amrik.
Pas Sayuri balik ke sono, Pumpkin udah beralih dari Geisha ke Plain Ol' Slut...
dan yang namanya "Geisha" udah bener2 beralih makna, dari positif ke total negatif..
Nah adalah si Sayuri dapet klien jendral amrik gt,
tapi dia dijebak Pumpkin..
AAAAARGH pokoknya kalo gw jadi Sayuri udah gw pahat jadi labu halloween kali tuh oraang-

In the end, when Sayuri went to meet Nobu-san,
Nobu-san didn't showed up and the Chairman came instead..
Then those two finally realized that,
"One cannot fly alone."
*LHO LHO LHO kok kata-katanya Alto Saotome brengos gw contek?!*
And then, JRENG JRENG TERORENG, happy ending.
..................I guess.

"You cannot ask for more shine to the sun.
You cannot ask for less drops from the rain.
That is what we recognize as kindness.
Being a Geisha means you couldn't hope for any more.
But when kindness came pouring on your life,
Doesn't that means your prayer have got answered?"
-Sayuri, Memoirs of a Geisha-

(doh, gw gak setuju sama line yg ke-4...
you can HOPE more and much more as you want,
because HOPE will never vanish from this world...
as long as you have what they called

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Tuesday, August 18 2009
Sky Condition: Blends of bright and gleam this afternoon.
Weather: Fresh Breeze
Quote(s): Life is short, so why take detours?

Today wasn't bright as usual.
I wasn't very satisfied with today's activities,
because it was just plain ol' boring thingys.
At last i got back home with severe headache and i was total SLEEPY.
So then, i managed to catch a few Z's,
And this is when that ABSURD dream take place........

The dream started, taking place at the 4th Science Class,
And the situation wasn't very friendly..
Everyone in the class were all haunted by dark spirits..
Then, TARAAAAAAAH- i came as the Neutralizer,
My job was to penetrate those spirits
And bring those kiddos back to their zipper.

In the middle of the critical situation,
I went outside to take a break (i was planning to.....)
And then, i saw my LOST FRIEND Issu Sandeli and the others
Wearing uniform of Potlot Rebel Groups *THE HELL?!*
To make it worse, Mukuncong was there too, and i asked him,

"Woy ngapain lu pake baju aneh gt? Emang lo anak Potlot ape?!"

And he answered like this:

"Ah brisik lu, gue kan sekarang udah jadi Geng Potlot bareng Issu!!"

Then the conversation begins to crack, with silent noises of DOOM.

Anyway, then again after that, i saw Tama with his digicam..
(Hell Tama, what are you doing, barging into my dream?!)
And he gave me something nasty i hate--i won't tell what's that.
The situation rapidly changed from FIERCEFUL to FORCEFUL.
I barely HIT him on the face.
OMG my apologies, Tam D:

Rounded up to another weirdo thingys,
I entered the class and go on with my job.
There was this BASTARD boy who rejected my purification,
So it took some times to set him back in the right pants.
Again, there was always someone who interfere with my plans..
This time was Intan, she blabbering up and down about nothingness,
Yet she DOESN'T HELP me a bit! She's just BOTHERING me.

In the confusion, i rushed forward and grab the boy's right palm
And i began to chant those sacred spells of purification...
In just a minute, he went back to normal *YATTA YATTA XDD*
Thus, someone asked me why didn't i purificated the boy's friend
Who was sit peacefully beside him..........................

I do remember his face.
But it was so blurred that i cannot remember it anymore,
How is he looks like....
But i recall he's got the same hairstyle with Ichinose-kun,
And a pair of shiny, jet black eyes...
Just like Yuu Kanda's.

(Ichinose. XD)

All that i remembered was he stares at me,
And i touched his hair slowly.
He stood up, and my height was no match for him. Really.
His face was full of sweat,
That makes me took some sheets of tissue paper
And i rub his face gently...
As he smiled at me, i smiled back at him.
I recall it was my NICEST smile i've ever shown.

Yeah, sure. It would be cool if those parts become reality in the future.
I want that, and i was relieved.... Why?
Because i ended up with that Ichinose-kun,
And not with Mukuncong.

(Ichinose again, yay :3)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blog yang makin ga keurus

Come to think of it, now i'm already in the 2nd year of Highschool time..
and i'm on the Science Class..

it's filled with.......

and those things are keeping me away from filling my blog! DX
ain't got single DAMN second to blogging or gaming...

and now i'm in my school's computer lab,
filling my blog with USELESS grunts. oh well.

P.S: anyone knows where to find Ca Late romaji lyrics? the singer is nobodyknows+,
i've been searching here and there but all that i've found was the kanji ones.
i will highly appreciate those who can HALP me out -_________-;

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tak-kun won~~~

well now i've got one more reason to choose Tak-kun(たくや) over Junichi Okada
(that's it, i called Takuya with -kun but i REFUSE to do that to Jun's name DX)
anyway, the reason is very clear:
Tak-kun always wore long sleeve clothes while Jun LOVES to show his entire body.
(SFX: Man Vomits)
Well this is just for strengthen my opinion about Tak-kun's way of clothing.

Oh and i will not submit Jun's picture here. i just getting SICK of his face and all about him. That's it, once again, i WON'T if he got more sanity on his sorry ass.

V6:Junichi Okada-No "FIN" lyrics


tooi sora no kanata ni shiawase wo sagashiteita
kabai atte shinji atte utaitsuzuketa
kizu tsukeraretemo ii kizu tsuketa hi wa setsunai
nigeru koto mo nemuru koto mo dekinai kara

ima tachi tomari chizu wo sutete sorezore no michi wo erandemo
itsu no hi ka gooru made kitto tadori tsukeru darou

bokura no yume wa mada nani mo hajimatteinai sa
hagurenai de tomaranai de kurikaeranai de
sono ryou te wo hanasanai de

yoru to asa no hazama de nikushimi wo hodoiteita
kisoi atte sasae atte odori tsuzuketa
ubawareru no nara ii ubawatta yoru wa munashii
sakebu koto mo inoru koto mo dekinai kara

ima te wo futte kakko wo sutete sorezore doko ka ni nagaretemo
itsu no hi ka shiawase ga kitto mitsukedaseru darou

bokura no tabi wa mada keshite owatte wa inai sa
hagurenai de tomaranai de kurikaeranai de
sono kokoro wo hanasanai de

bokura no yume wa mada nani mo hajimetteinai sa
sou sa
bokura no tabi wa mada keshite owatte wa inai sa
hagurenai de owaranai de kurikaeranai de
sono ryou te wo hanasanai de


Once at that corner of the distant sky, I searched for happiness
Caring for each other, trusting each other, continuously singing
It's fine if I am hurt but the days I hurt others, I cause them sadness
Becuase I couldn't escape and I couldn't sleep

Now even if I stop walking, throw away the map, choose a path of our own
Believe one day in future Will definitely arrive at destination

The dream that belong to us has not even started
Do not get lost, do not stop walking, do not turn back
Do not let go of my hands

In between the dark night and the morning, hate is dissolved
Compete with each other, support each other, continuously dancing
It's fine if I am eliminated but taking away what belongs to others,
those evenings I feel empty
Because I couldn't cry nor could I confess

Now I am afraid I have to wave goodbye to the past,
each following its own tide
Believe one day in future Will definitely find happiness

The journey that belong to us definitely has not ended
Do not get lost, do not stop walking, do not turn back
Do not let go of my heart

The dream that belong to us has not even started
That's why
Do not get lost, do not end it here, do not turn back
Do not let go of my hands

Do not let go of my hands

well the song was, actually a good one. as well as the singer hehey *throb throb*
thanks again to V6's Fansite!
i wish Jun-kun will change his name ASAP to Junichi Sugiono. ahahah screw you Jun-!

VLC's last days

Wah-Lah! This is the picture of us, 10-5 Class Crew from 28 SHS!
this was the last day we studied together, so some of my friend intended to memorize our last days with handycam, and also digicam :D

well this is the picture taken by my friend whom i forgot who was he/she DX
and the location is on Classroom of 12-2 Social
we moved there because our homely class 10-5 is being renovated.
so we studied in 12-2 Social Class for a few days.
Anyway, it's like we havta take a new Class Picture because some people missed this photogenical section XDD
Nevertheless i like this pic! Me was the person on the lower right corner XD