Friday, June 19, 2009

Sunday, 31st May 2009
Sky Condition: it laughed at me TTATT;
Song: Pretty Girl (L'arc~en~Ciel)
QUotes: Guy Cecil i LOVE you so MUCH~~ but how dare you to be a-!!!!!!!!
Phrases: Pararam, Charmed by you. Pararam, Don't care even you're a Gay~~~

A-okay. Today, finally i had RECOVERED form that royal pain!
yeah a few days ago a had a terrific guillotine attack which stroke my throat
and caused a condition where you're on a HARD-to-breathe Mode.
Yaa, i could remembered: yesterday night i even didn't managed to slept well!
I've spent almost 12 hours only to find a comfort way to breath well.
And in the end i'm sleepless and in the morning,
PARAMPAMPAMPAM--my back feels like it has been CRUSHED by Gigantic Iron Mace or something!!
And there goes my suffering day had started...............

I drank lots of medicine, and hope it would lessen my pain..
But there goes again, i HAVE picked the WRONG medicine which have Evedrines on it.
OH NO OH NO my throat felt more restrained than before and my breath was so screwed up
that i only could take a deep breath within 1 minute or so *EEEEEEUUUUUWWWWW-*
But finally one of that #%!@ medicine's ingredients worked and it gave me the sleepy effect.
Well, of course i went back to my bed and TARAAAAAAAAH-! finally i could get some sleep.
Five hours later(or so), i awakened with a better condition, and my throat has loosen up.

And my suffering ENDS today.
Yeah finally i'm back in my PRIME condition!
I wanna thank God for bringing back my whole health recovered;
My Mom for buying me foods and *too* many medicines to drank;
Neo Napacine the fucking medicine, for loosen my restrained throat; and
I've whispered your name so much when the pain comes to shove and it worked-the pain slowly gone.
Also remembered YOURSELF so that i gained my self-consciousness and then regained my strength
to fight against that viscounted pain.
Pokoknya makasih banget lah. May your efforts won't be in vain :D

Okay now the topic changes.
At the daybreak time suddenly i had a strange feelings about GUY CECIL.
Oh yeah and all of the sudden i want to search all about HIM!
(Does that counted as "love monkey" atau cinta monyet?? Tapi Guy kan bukan monyet!!!!!!! HIH!!)
And so i surfed on the net and i found his fanlistings on Google Search.
OMG how astonished i WAS! Guy is a good chef-he can cook many kind of dishes!
woooooooow i think he'd make a SUPERDUPER EXCELENT house-husband X3 (that is, if he wasn't.......)
I'm amazed too when i saw his biography and personality. I rather shocked to see his history;
That is, his BLOODY past made him a Gynophobia or Women-Phobia.
(He loves to look at women, though. And he LIKE to befriends with them.)
But his phobia always prevent him to, and it always ended up as comical scene.

Nevertheless, he always used KIND words to be spoken of and makes women fell prey for his CHARM
Including me, who also collected some of his pics,
amazed by the way his talk and his expression when saying it.
Think! he said, "I'm glad i could help restore your smile back" with NORMAL face!!
OMG and he's kind of tall too, although Renji and Ichinose FAR more tall than him.
And i just LOOOOOOOVE his behavior, Carefree and Calm nature on one side,
but also Faithful and Protector-type in the other side! yeaaaaaa it ROCKS* man ;3

The main problem IS, he is a Gynophobian.
Also he's got some La Seriosa de Relationes with Luke von Faber,
Meaning there's probability that he's a HOMOSEXUAL~~~~
(He's Gynophobian, and it will likely he rather choose man than woman to be his lovers..)
But on the other hand he's been tied up with Natalia Luzu Kimalesca Lanvaldear!!
The site says that many clinging the fact that he IS, indeed a HETEROSEXUAL!
Gosh, reading that fact makes me wanna slay my own head off and throw it-!!!
How can i'm IN LOVE with a HETEROSEXUAL or maybe, HOMOSEXUAL person?!?!?!?!?!!

But.....but......Guy Cecil is so.......handsome and......multi-talented and............
well, he's just a kind of my PERFECTLY-SUITED type!!!!
But he's a-!!!!!
*Far too shocked, i fell down from my chair and rolled down the stairs right to my DEATH.*
No waaaaaay~~~ Guy Cecil, i LOVE you that BADLY but how DARE you to be a HETEROSEXUAL?!
Ah~ i just can do nothing more.. i'll just............
Yeah, that is... Praying for the best of you. So you would meet your TRUE LOVER!! Nyap nyap :3
Guy Cecil, this rusted person really LOVE you and she wanted to be with you!!
.....OOPS. My bad. Ichinose..? Forgive me. There's no way i would left you all alone.

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